Customs services

International cargo transportation is always associated with the obligatory registration of the necessary package of documents for customs control.

It can be quite difficult to go through the customs clearance procedure on your own, even with experience.

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By entrusting customs clearance to the company "RUSTA", you can be completely sure of the quality of the services provided. Long-term work experience, cooperation with customs services, as well as knowledge of all the nuances of customs clearance of goods allow us to avoid cost overruns and delays in delivery. The price list for our services can be found here.

Full range of services for customs clearance

  • Consulting on international cargo transportation
  • Assistance in obtaining certificates of conformity
  • Class-solution design
  • Working with customs authorities to provide accompanying documents
  • EDS registration (digital signature)
  • Control over the implementation of all work on customs clearance - certification
  • Representing the interests of the customer in the customs authorities
  • Registration of a customs declaration
  • Verification of accompanying documents
  • Selection of the most optimal customs clearance for each specific type of cargo
  • Classification of goods
  • Preliminary calculation of the amounts of customs duties and taxes

Our specialists plan in advance each stage of work on the preparation of goods for transportation, therefore, work on customs clearance is also planned at the initial stage.

 This scheme allows us to carry out customs clearance in full compliance with legislation and customs regulations.