Hand Sanitizing Machine Hgenic VJET-90S

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Key features:

INCOTERMS 2020 delivery FOB

Voltage 220V-230V 50-60 Hz

Power consumption 48-56 Wt

Operating temperature 5-40 °C

Sensor operating distance 2-10 см

Nozzle features Stainless steel

Spraying capacity 35 ml.

Spraying time 2 seconds (1-10 seconds adjustable)

Waste tank capacity 0.049 l.


Tank volume:6 l.

Width:354 см

length:408 см

Height:1300 см

INCOTERMS 2020 delivery:FOB

Voltage:220V-230V 50-60 Hz

Power consumption:48-56 Wt

Operating temperature:5-40 °C

Sensor operating distance:2-10 см

Nozzle features:Stainless steel

Spraying capacity:35 ml.

Spraying time:2 seconds (1-10 seconds adjustable)

Waste tank capacity:0.049 l.


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